High School is probably a living hell for some (if not most) students. Here is my definitive guide to becoming the most popular person on campus.

Let me start off by saying however, I was NOT apart of the “popular crowd”. However, I wasn’t a part of the “geek crowd” either, as a matter of fact, I wasn’t apart of ANY crowd, I was just ME. I never cared to become, or even attempted at reaching a level of popularity at that time in my life, I had the wisdom and the foresight to realize that no matter how popular one may become, it doesn’t mean squat in the real world.


The social status is certainly achievable, and with a little manipulation, it is definitely possible to reach this position yourself. This is how I would have done it if I actually *did* care about becoming popular.

While it may be true that trends and fads change over time, and every high school throughout the world is different (I’ll be the first here to admit that I don’t know what the international school levels are, so I’m speaking from the American perspective.), the foundations of the plan undoubtedly remains the same.

First Step: Know the Playing Fields and Understand the Collective Groups of Peers

This is crucial, without knowledge of your peers and your high school settings, you’ll get nowhere. The guide I’m writing here won’t turn you into a popular student overnight, it will take proper planning and a few weeks (or months, depending on your current status) of scoping the and analyzing your potential strategies.

The first investigation involves the various groups available. Recognize your targets and make sure no one suspects your reconnaissance work:

  1. The Jocks = Athletic, always discussing last night’s game with their fellow teammates and coaches, are often intimidating
  2. The Social Butterflies = Always talking, making friends with just about anyone, and attend every social event the school offers
  3. The Intelligent Ones (Non-Nerds) = Eloquent within their academic circle, yet smart enough not to associate themselves with the outcasts of the system
  4. Other = Any other group that may be known either specifically to your school region or may have been ‘missing’ from this list

Step Two: Choose A Group and Plan

After an adequate amount of time has passed, the time comes where you have to choose a group and formulate a covert strategy.

TIP: Be sure you Pick a Group You Can Be Good At! You know you don’t belong in the athletic group if you only weigh 85 pounds and can’t even complete the mile run.

Some ideas to keep in mind as you develop your plan include:

  • Start off small. You don’t want to rush into crazy events such as mooning everyone at the next pep rally or something similar. You’ll give your position away too early.
  • Don’t hold back. This roller coaster ride of a plan will involve making friendships, destroying hearts, betrayal, and even subtle manipulation of events. The inevitability of the lack of emotional distraught means it would be wise to train yourself both physically and psychologically, and not grow too attached to any specific person or peer group.
  • Be sure to cover all your bases. Missions rarely go according to the written game plan, so it is of the utmost importance that you have every possible angle covered, the shifting of original steps on the spot, and the calculation of every precise point in your overall strategy as you plan to dominate the battlefield of High School.

Next Step: When you feel Ready and Confident Enough, Craft and Execute your Plan

After careful timing and consideration, the time comes to set your ultimate goal in motion.

Remember, most teenagers are easy to manipulate, not the kids themselves exactly, but ranking highly among the social hierarchy of the school shouldn’t be too difficult of a task. Just about every school has one, and be aware that you are going to have rivals.

Don’t backstab your competitors immediately, it is important to have allies and improvising tactical advances in the Art of War is a necessity. You will get nowhere in this field of combat if you decide to go at it entirely alone.

The Fourth Step: Earn some Thought Out and / or Crazy “Popularity Points”

Popularity Points (PP) can be useful to raise your awareness of your current status during the school year. While these spcific numbers aren’t set in stone, they don’t apply everywhere, as specific groups require different point values. So use these approximate numbers to your advantage, where 0 PP means you’re the biggest loser on campus, and 100 PP means you’re Ruler of the High School:

  • 2 PP = Earn an after-school detention, Attend the Pep Rally, Crack a witty joke in front of a crowd (+1 if during a class)
  • 5 PP = Get a date and / or enter a relationship ( +5 if they’re at least somewhat popular), Start a fight, Score the winning point(s) at the end of the game in your respective sport
  • 10 PP = Receive straight A’s for a whole year, Purchase and show off an automobile, Host a party at your home (-5 if your parents catch you)
  • 25 PP = Win a prestigious title such as Homecoming King (or Queen), Win a Sports Championship, Sleep with a teacher
  • -5 PP = Act like a pussy and back away from a challenge, break down in the middle of the hall, join the chess team or computer club

If you suck at mathematics, don’t use the above system I laid out, instead follow the guidelines, but go with your gut (or better yet, don’t even attempt to become popular, you can’t get to the top without knowing a little math).

It is also important to NOT repeat each point-earner. Spread out where you decide to earn points. Some people might find it a tad suspicious if you enter twenty relationships throughout the year, they’ll perceive you as a slut.

And the Final Step: Remain at the top until you no longer wish to

(If you haven’t obtained at least 100 PP in one year, go back to step four and try again.)

Now you’ve done it, you’ve climbed to the top the social mountain, congratulations!

Is it everything you’ve expected it to be? Are you truly happy with your current status as Champion of your High School?

Perhaps it becomes boring at the top, you may feel lonely up there, or there’s just too much attention for you to handle; whatever the reason is, bow out with grace. It is very easy to lose your status on top of the ladder, and difficult to regain that special status.

Whether you are happy at the top or not, as one final piece of advice, remember just how much this means to yourself and your friends (and just how much the rest of the world actually cares about it).

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Comment by mik
2008-05-01 14:49:59

Popularity of males is namely ranked by athletic ability, level of humour, and the extent to which we are helpful towards others – Coie and Dodge (1988).

Interesting post you made. You’ve obviously thought it out. But therein lies the problem. If we become mechanical when trying to strengthen our popularity, we can lose ourselves.

The major part of establishing popularity, that most psychologists agree on, is confidence and self-esteem. More confidence equates to more interaction. More interaction can lead to a greater popular:unpopular ratio. Arguably, therefore, simply increasing your self-esteem (resulting in greater confidence) will likely result in greater popularity.

But at the end of the day we must ask ourselves, why try so hard when we will only be there for a fraction of our lives? Luckily, I have the confidence to maintain a good group of friends and get along generally with anyone and everyone. Some, I see, are not so fortunate. But if it boils down to it, I would sooner concentrate on my studies and future than getting atop of a superficial ladder that will only disappear when I leave the establishment.

Comment by James Lewitzke
2008-05-11 11:24:25

Thanks Mik,

While I do agree that confidence can play a big role in it the scheme of things, it’s not all that is necessary. Some can have all the confidence in the world, yet still only remain at a mediocre level on the popularity scale.

I do agree to about the “superficial ladder” part you mentioned. It doesn’t benefit you in the long run. And after you graduate, (which is only a few short years away), all that hard work is lost.

Comment by alysa
2009-07-30 16:30:17

yeah, but you have a hell of a time during those short few years.
live it while you can because high school is something you’ll remember your whole life & if it’s a living hell & your at the bottom then its no fun…

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Comment by coby
2009-07-17 17:16:26

Why do this
Why become popualer because where im standing you are popualer for who you are.. not how you look and dress ..who you are and if any ones dum eough to come on this web page just so you can become popualer well
dont because it can runnin your friendship with overs! Dont just think bout ya self think about others around you aswell.xxx

Comment by Thomas
2009-08-13 20:51:08

Well, actually, he has some valid points and I do believe that he is correct in saying that if I were to act as he said to act, I would be pretty popular, even though i would be starting at the average to high level of popularity.

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Comment by Alyssa
2009-08-13 20:52:10

Hey are you the Thomas from Davies? The one with the big penis from that party?

Comment by Evan
2010-02-15 14:01:26

ha no i am the one with the big penis(;

Comment by brandon
2009-11-08 23:53:13

hell yeah think about popularity in a different way not all people can be popular so just hang out with the people you like and just do what you do and if u do it well then your bound to become at least a little popular

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Comment by EJag
2009-12-04 02:41:29

yeah, your right..
but first thing, i used to not be popular but i did hang out with the popular group. I was a huge douche to everyone until i realized that i burnt so many bridges that i had no connections outside of my close friends. So after the summer of 9th grade i tryed my hardest not to make anyone mad, be nice, and not be so cocky (im very cocky ha).
What most of you guys need to know is that its not about being “mr. popularity” its about making friends that you will have for the whole short life that you live on this earth. If you spend too much time worrying about what other people think then that is going to mess up your head WAY too much.
I have a story. One of my friends (dawn) was with me at a football game and i was amongst my other friends and well.. i was drunk lol. And i got along great with everyone, making people laugh (not at me, with me), and just being cool. I realized that being drunk makes you pretty much have tunnel vision, you dont see how people around you take what your doing THUS getting rid of insecurity. I would talk to anyone and everyone and its wierd but i just acted (not like wierd or anything) like i didnt care (which i did) but people started liking me, i was starting to make a lot of friends and make connections.
I got invited to parties, had fun, lived my high school life in the lime light..
Last thing, BE YOURSELF.. dont fake ANYTHING! no one can stand a person that is two-faced, or isn’t themselves so if your nerdy, HELL! BE NERDY WITH NERDS! IF YOUR ATHLETIC.. BE A JOCK.. do what you do, everyone fits into a social group..

AND.. never be wierd

Comment by Amy
2010-04-25 21:43:55

Being weird is pretty ok, I am a high school student and i admit that I am weird. Yet on my formspring people don’t cuss or curse or get mean, i actually have never been publicly confronted, or been openly humiliated before. I am saying that being popular is not all about sleeping with a teacher, or scoring a winning goal, its about getting along with everybody, and not to be noninclusive to people; but trying to relate to everybody. This article was clearly written by somebody who graduated in the 80′s. At my school, there are sluts, whores, nerds, geeks, jocks, dumb people and crackpots but every group is connected in some way, most of the jocks maintain 4.0′s, the sluts play many sports, the nerds are quite provocative and crackpots are the social butterflies. At our school, there is a place for everybody and everybody belongs.

Comment by david
2010-05-12 13:51:34

Learn how to spell.. hahah all of this is a piece of bullcrap. Just be yourself and people will accept you for who you are… When you arent trying to make a fool out of yourself… i learned the hard way.. but i learned from it. Now look at where i am. Captain of the soccer team.. i dont know if im popular or not, its that im doing what i like to do.

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Comment by Rachael
2010-06-17 12:09:51

Seriously does that ever work 4 you. Get a life mahnn! xxx

Comment by sandra
2010-06-04 12:38:56

All of this is so stupid. I want to be popular, not in trouble! I’d rather be popular for who I am and not for getting detention, throwing a party without getting caught, or starting a fight! I’d rather be myself and happy than somebody I’m not and be in trouble. I will NEVER follow these rules, no matter how lame I am.

Comment by Starry
2008-05-18 21:16:23

mmm I get your point, but A. no one wants to talk to me because of rumors how I look ect. and I just don’t know what to say, any advice?

Comment by James Lewitzke
2008-05-18 22:01:35


Remember to begin by figuring out your strengths and weaknesses, and be sure to use them to your advantage.

You’ve stated that you have problems speaking and feeling social, so what you have to do is start small. Find a group at your school that doesn’t require much verbal communication amongst one another, then begin to build confidence in yourself and increase your skills when talking to peers, one step at a time.

I can’t really go into detailed specifics at this time, as it will vary for every student, depending mostly on who you are and where you feel your current status is within the school.

Comment by Dom
2009-07-04 01:46:52

when you hear shit like that just say to yourself, they are jelous or insecure and want to be me,,,thats what i do, and if someone ever confronts you about any of the rumors just be like what the hell are you talking about? and when they tell you who they heard it from just say whos that i have no idea who your talking about.

Comment by Bass Man
2009-07-19 14:13:08

Best thing to do? Ignore it. Eventually, if you think on the positive side of things, your time in high school will improve greatly. Just remember, in the real world, nothing that ever happened, or said, in high school, will matter. Life’s a bitch, but we just have to deal with it, and then it all gets that much better.

Comment by brandon
2009-11-08 23:58:26

just be nice and dont give people the impression they allready think everyone is cool in a different way just chill with the people who accept you you will eventually meet new people and form new relationships if your a girl do something new with your hair or something to draw attention make yourself look pretty when you look pretty you feel pretty and are more aproachable if your a guy talk to more girls than guys wether or not people say it they see it and people will see you as a cool kid who can hold his own with the ladies

Comment by Voltron
2008-09-11 17:33:09

Dear to whoever wrote this,

I can’t believe you have the audacity to even write this bunch of nonsense. What is popular? Because there is no such thing. This whole “blog” is the sterotypical High School Musical type scenrio that only exists if you make it. Yeah there are cliques but one for everyone. No one should have to work to make people like them. If they are just themselves people will like them for who they are. Whats wrong with “nerds”? This whole thing is a bias piece of shit. When i read the “PP’s” i thought this was an actual joke.

Thank you.

Comment by James Lewitzke
2008-09-11 22:37:43

If you thought this was a hardcore rocket-guide-to-the-top, serious-minded post, then you obviously know nothing about this website nor my writing styles.

Comment by alysa
2009-07-30 16:36:43

if you thought it was SO stupid then how come you read it?
you obviously looked it up for a reason because you are insecure about yourself & are obviously a nerd since you clearly stated “what’s wrong with nerds!?”
negative comments are not needed in the world & people like you are what make it so hard to have fun so do us ALL a favor & take out the sticks up your ass & go study your math book=)

Comment by helenawellsx
2010-03-05 07:57:07

hahaa! done in!
sorry i come from england. and ie want to become more popular. i am quite popular at the moment, but not enough! my boyfriends getting in fights because of me. so if ie become queen bee (most popular girl in school) he wont anymore? because then people wont start on him!
but i find everyones oppinion intresting! i think your all right i your own ways but when one peron said: people should like you for yourself! i think that is right but not true. have youh noticed that people hang around with other people who are similar too thereselfs e.g. asian people hang around with other asain peole! and thats why they like youh! so if your not popular and want to get into that croud iam sorry but your going to have to change yourself! or ‘act’ like your one of them but youh will get caught up and turn out like them! this always happens!
your going too have to munipulate what everyone says and your going to have too make people like youh! if the queen bee likes youh everyone follows! but dont start big! your proberly trying to become popular quickly but thats not going to happen! its going to take time! unless your doctor who or something?!?!?! but as it says in the blog or whatever it is! youh need to date someone popular (then youh will be known as the girl/boy who dated NAME) then youh build up your reputation from there, youh mix with people a bit more and more evry week! start hagging with popular people and work your way up to the top! one your hanging with the most popular person youh have to defeat them! this will be hard and may take a while to do! just remember act the part, be the part, and always look gorgeous! people will find youh atractive! and once youh have dated a few people off the football team your defently popular!
bringing them down: this is going to be the hard part! youh need to spend a few nights planing how your going to do this! observe the weeknesses! and defently the strengths because youh can make them also become the weeknesses! just play with the queen bee’s emotions make her put on some weight or somehing (a girls weight is always improtant!)
if youh think this is spitefull? just get over it! life is that way! and school is one big popularity contest!

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Comment by siberisc (Sib)
2009-08-04 01:20:05

your right, HighSchool Musical all the way. And Yes “pp”; kinda stupid. but beleive it or not, my school had this post on B-Room walls with the “most Popular” people, and they were always the ones who did those weird ass things this person blogged about. and there were the typical mean girls who Tried to be popular; but only got so far. cutos for that one. but what did you mean by “there are cliques, one for everyone.”? it wasnt that way for me i mean the Jocks were also in the chess club and the robotics team. mabye my school just wasnt typical. i was the team captian of our soccer team but also the Betta cheerleader (my schedule was REALLY tight, no time for relationships.) and one more thing it helps to have a name like mine, interesting and uncommon. when people hear Siberisc or Sib they remembered it.

Comment by jinjing
2009-09-19 00:11:36

what the hell are you talking about this is all well written and makes the best sense of popularity iv ever heard. Some people aren’t that lucky and no one likes them for who they are because they dont thats simple to understand.

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:04:22

first of all your completey wrong this ladder of popularity does exist and the more you ignore it the farther down you go i know what your trying to say but most teenagers are those stupid highschool musical type fags whether they know it or not

Comment by SkeleSyd
2010-02-13 19:15:51

ok, first things first, this article has legit examples of how high school works. its all about who you know and ur relationship with the people even if its aquaintence or best friend or boy/girl friend. obviously u are anti social if u are so opposed to his argument. [rest my case.] :)

Comment by Brad
2010-05-21 07:58:40

ok, u have to have problems, or atleast ur high school did, every school that i have been to has groups, the nerds, popular people, being the skanks and sportier guys, the deros who look like they’re uncleanly and are normally fat or too skinny, being non-muscular or lean. And popularity will affect ur whole h-school life, i used to be a dero, but like this website said, if u have a b/g friend thats popular, then u will become more popular than where u currently stand, the only reason i wasnt popular for a long time was because i had a (no offense to any1 who fits this description) friend who was:
*never showered
*unwashed hair
*clothes from 2nd hand stores, that were about 5years old
*acted like they were retarded and popular
and so forth, so as you can tell i was unhappy with him (he also used to kick the shit out of me and others) and he was obsessed with me. Then after i ditched him i became popular, and all you need to do is have the right people to hang out with and/or date, and meet new people. done.

Comment by joey r
2008-11-30 15:37:02

i understood every step of this guide. i saw my friend do something like this once, except it ended up making one giant group at which we was the “head of” in a sense. the funny thing is this process made my friend literally go insane. he had something like a mental breakdown. so when he basically “dropped from power” the WHOLE group broke apart. it was one of the most dramatic things i had ever seen. i don’t think it just kinda broke people up but it also probably sent half of those people into depression. im not going to lie when i say that social standings are just phycological minipulations set in place. i Really wouldn’t recommend this to anyone. sorry man. its a good idea but it didn’t survive the experiment in the long run. the group lasted about a year

Comment by James Lewitzke
2008-11-30 18:19:29

Maybe you should re-read the post again.

Comment by Elizabeth Carberry
2010-05-27 09:22:46

Hi, I’m not very popular, I’m so upset,,,, I’m in work now, I work in McDonalds, and people call me fat because I eat chicken-burgers for lunch, and double french-fries…. any ideas on how I can become popular?

Comment by Andrea :)
2008-12-30 01:06:04

Wow, I don’t agree with the comments at all.

If you want to be popular, learning how to do it is a nudge in the right direction.
That doesn’t mean you’ll “Lose” yourself.

Nice job. ;)

Comment by Alexander
2009-11-03 14:21:34

I totally agry with Andrea this is stupid BUT KIND OF FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by karim
2009-01-29 20:08:26

yo…..i read this….but theres this problem…im just to god damn shy…im funny…like i crack a joke in classce? thx and everybody laughs….im too shy to go and make my move…any advi

Comment by James Lewitzke
2009-02-06 01:14:58

Yes, first, learn to write (and probably speak) proper English. Remember, nobody likes a dumbass.

Then, be sure you use a COMBINATION of the points above and practice to get over the shyness. Make sure to follow the guide step-by-step.

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:14:09

dont be an asshole your the type of dick who has has friends but nobody really likes you should learn to keep your shut and be nice

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Comment by Alexander
2009-11-03 14:24:25

Can’t you just right like a human being??????????????

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:14:40

why would you say that to him dont be a dick

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Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:12:59

you got to overcome it man ive had the same problem but before you make your move dont think about it untill your allmost in front of her call her name and get her attention that way you make yourself back out and when ur there just talk be freindly and dont listen to that other bitch who commented on your speaking girls like a little mystery in know it sounds weird but its true girls are easy to fool when it comes to boys all you got to do is make a good impression and make her laugh and from there your allmost in with more time and more talking your there

Comment by helenawellsx
2010-03-05 08:11:33

noo wayy doo iee agree!!!
nott only cause ie am a girl but, most girls can see right through boys!
we class them bad boy, sweet inersent type so on even before youh talk to us, so if youh do we are prepared!
andd btw what youh said was so sexist! and if youh talk like that infront of girls god help youh! youh are really disrespectfull! and tbh a d**k!

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Comment by brad
2009-02-01 12:17:39

Being popular isn’t something you can be, its jsut what u are. It sucks anyway, dont even bother, your life is a living hell. yes everyone loves you, everyone envies you but what if that could kill you. We had someone bring a gun into my school in june. and he had a list. and i was on it. i was scared when i heard that. Be yourself, dont let us bring you down, have fun the way u want to. I like the life of the perfect popular teenager, when really, i never stop screaming on the inside. love who u r not what u wish you were.

Comment by cam (a hs loser with not much friends
2009-02-08 00:31:37

thanks brad

Comment by Alexander
2009-11-03 14:25:50

Now this is POWERTALK!!!!!!!

Comment by Garrett Blanchard
2009-02-09 00:39:58

Well here’s the thing Im probably one of the biggest stereotypical “nerd” but people don’t care I’m in the band, academic team and so on but im practically friends with everybody from jocks to social butterflies to just geeks so just you really just have to be nice to people and just confident in who you are and be yourself and in not athletic remotely

Comment by helenawellsx
2010-03-05 08:14:22

samee! butt tbh youhhave soo sceame a bit to get to the top right?

Comment by RamZ
2009-02-14 02:31:25

no matter what i do, i always end up returning to my comfort zone(the nerds)

Comment by juliette
2009-06-24 21:48:07

ha well that sucks.

Comment by Demi cadaver
2009-07-28 19:41:23

XD lmfao

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Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:16:50


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Comment by =)
2009-08-04 13:35:16

awsome if your comfortable with them and unashamed(which you shouldnt be ashamed of that) ten awsome for you. high school doesnt mean you have to be popular, my experience is that if you have friends that you love and are comfortable with then you’ll have a good experience cuz then no one elsxe really matters now do they? =)

Comment by Alexander
2009-11-03 14:29:20

It doesn’t matter cause even if you don’t notice it, popular people have more probs then you do believe me!!! Just love yourself (:

Comment by sush
2009-02-19 22:29:35

everyone takes me as strange girl, (funny and whose sudden anger can swallow the whole world). i am in 10 class now ,so this process will be effective in 11 or not? i like a boy, he falls in group: the intelligent ones, and he is also smart and cool. i’m also intelligent but i act as dumbass infront of him.but the problem i cannot go out with him, family not allows and i travell by bus, everything should be in school. can u tell me some steps and plans to have him with me.

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:22:12

when your a girl and you want a certain you dont have to let him know bluntly but give him hints touch him in a freindly way hel pick up the signs wether he show it or not if he dont ask you out get him alone and make bigger hints

Comment by Vanilla Tuesday
2009-04-10 13:43:46

This is hilarious!! Is this for students in the Midwest or for 20th century history? Truly outrageous!

Comment by Alexander
2009-11-03 14:30:51

Then why did you read it??? GO PLAY PACKMAN!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by CeCe
2009-04-13 09:15:43

Umm.. i see what you are saying but me myself, i am shy and this girl i know in one of my classes just keep annoying me for 3 whole years!! she used to use her rope and hit me with it and she actuallky threw a dictionary in my face and i didnt do anything but ran and cry.. i always cry for some reason its just come out. Its not like im scared of her because she is not attractive and very skinny but i guess i look better than her but anyway.. i start crying in front of everyone and now its spring break and i dont want to come back to school. Im afraid what ppl will think of me. Im social but i dont talk at all. Some ppl think im slow and shit but i ignore them. ANY ADVICE ON WHAT I SHOULD DO FOR THE REST OF YEARS OF HGH SCHOOL?

Comment by Jackie
2009-09-23 02:30:23

I have the exact same problem!!! Somebody help!?!?

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:32:46

ok jackie first of all any girl can be popular just find a guy who likes you date him and he should defend you i dont even know you but you sound pretty cool to me just act how you feel

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Comment by Alexander
2009-11-03 14:35:57


Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:27:08

im saying this in a nice way but you got to buck up and get into a fight and kick some ass dont do anything stupid like throwing a chair in class that wont help but when someone says something you need to let thems know whats up and that you aint gonna take no shit no more

Comment by helenawellsx
2010-03-05 08:23:09

noo that aint popular! thats a bad ass boy: yeah girls are attracted but after a while we get bored! :L

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Comment by Aimee
2010-04-06 13:42:41

Just ignore what everyone else thinks – tell them that you were crying for other personal reasons aswell. And then say ‘Would you really feel over the moon if someone threw a dictionary, hit you with a rope and tortured you for three whole flipping years,out of no reason whatsoever? Nope? Didn’t think so.’ Remember, vilonce doesn’t solve anything! You don’t need to become ultra-popular at school, just have enough friends that will suit your personality and who will be there for you. Try talking to a few peeps,,, good luck, xx. :)
you can keep in touch with me and all your problems at aimeejanee@live.co.uk just email me and I can answer (kind of like an advice column but with an email service instead, might get a website if the email gets clogged up!!!) Happy easter :)

Comment by Juno Ramirez
2009-04-20 16:32:53

Popularity is an affliction: people hate you when you’re fake, they hate you when you’re real. So why waste time impressing others? You might as well just be yourself, because either way, people will still treat you as a second-class citizen.

Comment by Christen
2009-04-20 16:55:48

uhm people im popular because i know everyone and im funny, nice and yea and im not snobby or fake AT ALL

Comment by siberisc (Sib)
2009-08-04 01:26:26

um… hunny f you call yourself popular even if you are, it’s considered self centered which dosnt look good on anyone, and kinda makes you sound snobby. not trying to be mean, just honest.

Comment by jinjing
2009-09-19 00:18:41

yeah siberisc is right you sound so snobby. And you totally sound fake you sound like a below average girl trying to make herself sound popular because no one can see who you are on here now can they?Hmmmmm!?

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:35:05

speek the truth but dont be mean about that makes you sound like an ass

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Comment by kaltun
2009-04-26 11:45:45

people popularity is something that you must earn not learn off a computer word of advice to be popular you need to have both brains and brawn (strength&intelligence).

Comment by missy
2009-05-05 14:10:24

i love it! sneaky! i did something like this but with an accomplice, it worked and we still rule the world. *prom queen*

Comment by sam
2009-08-04 01:27:16

yeah doesnt sound real.

Comment by Paigee(:
2009-05-19 20:39:29

kay so im only in 8th grade right now, and i’ve lived here my whole life….-
buuuuut, i’m moving this summer. i dont know where yet.
but the real problem is that im too quiet and indifferent.
sure popularity’s nice, but im aiming more toward
being outgoing, and having the aura of selfassurance.
when i talk, my voice can change from really low, to really high pitched, and its really weird.
also, im called a umm slut, because i wear supershort shorts, black eyeliner, and lowcut tops. and my myspace and etc is a lil slutty, but not overly, and i truly haven’t done anything like gangbanging slutty. (lmao) not especially, no.
and im short and dye my hair. (natural color is med brown). and im barely 5 feet.
im scared for highschool,
because i wont know a single person. ill be really quiet. and ill be really short.
i dont know which crowd to follow (or try to), and everything. especially with girls, i just feel akward when i talk to them, because i tend to um talk about myself a lot which i hate.

i know somethings i should change, but could i get a lil help? thankks, a bunch. like a lot.

(email your replyy if you wantt(:…….)

Comment by Dom
2009-07-04 01:55:21

well i am a boy, but i have been in a situation just like this. when i was in sixth grade i was a huge loser with no friends and no one like me. The following year i moved to a new town and cut my hair changed my style, became more out going, lied alot and allways tried to get noticed, and im not going to lie it worked really well, untill 8th grade when things didnt make sence to anyone and people were starting to see right threw me. i went from being really popular to being hated and not in a good way. But i was lucky and moved to a new town once again and yes i was myself, but my self asteem was really low and i am still to this day not even close to being as social as i used to be. i really wish i was, i wish i could stand up for myself, and be heard. but im not. you know here is the real advise…..dont be slutty it can make you popular but it can make you look really trashy. dont die your hair to much because you will look fake, join a club or sport, and ALLWAYS stick up for yourslef and never pay attention to the rude shit people say to you, just tell yourself they are jelous or insecure and they want to be like you,,,yeah it sounds lame,,,but it works. well i hope i helped.

Comment by XOXO
2009-08-04 01:42:39

oh sweety mabye lose the short shorts and low tank tops? i mean your moving so you have a new opertunity, no a great opertunity. people who go to highschool in teh area they grew up in with the people they grew up with have to live with everyone knowing all you embarressing and unwanted history. you have a fresh start you can be whoever you want. no one knows who you are,so show them the Ah-mazing person You want them to see. You can be preppy, goth, jock, club junky… anything. and hello shortness is an awsom quality. say you like this guy in your class. you pretend you cant reach somithing off a shelf ( close to him of course) and ask him for help while giving him your best smile, like you dont care that you need help because your short. just dont be too flirtatious at first you know play hard to get,. anyways the point is, its like you can start off as a whole other person( that YOU like) with out people thinking about the past you. you got something no one else at the place has, mystery. play it right and you’ll just fall inot a crowd. and please please talk to people in your clsses first day, try to make at least one freind you can hang with, they can do the rest by introducing you to other freinds. just no druggies, they might be for sure to hang with sometimes but its a serious downer when others see you dont know how to have a good time on your own and ha you need some aid that doesnt last and leaves bad breath. hope this helps.

Comment by Paigee(:
2009-05-19 20:42:45

and i know you hate the bad grammar thing and everything
(personalllllyyyyyy i kinda dislike those people)
so im sorry and everything,
but yeah. like i type without caps.
your welcome.

Comment by Lexi
2009-05-25 17:29:29

Dear Person,

Okay, at my school I have observed that it’s mainly the rich girls that are popular. How am I supposed to be popular if I can’t afford it?


Comment by Jaqeuline
2009-06-19 01:14:29

look if u cnt afford ne thang girl steal shit bitch its that fuckin simple hoe!!lemme give u a few advice:
1.)get eyebrows done shave ur legs cut your hair
2.)always smell good
3.)always have a smile on ur face
4.)talk too whoever u can ppl love gossip so talk bad bout ppl!! ALWAYS BE JOLLY

Comment by John
2009-07-02 21:57:53

You are ridiculous and so confused and lost and just a complete idiot, you were the kind of girls that nobody in the whole school could stand. Maybe people act like they want to be around you, but that’s just because they want to see what dumb ass bull shit comes out of your mouth next. One day you will realize how utterly stupid and confused you are and change your ways.

Hope this helps rid the world of people like you. :)

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Comment by Demi cadaver
2009-07-28 19:44:50

omfg hahahahahhaha lmfao Zdfasjflladjfkafj

my stomach ruptured.

nice own.

Comment by Jackie
2009-09-23 02:40:03

Well.. She actually has a point. She just doesn’t know how to express it. Except the talk bad about people. Smile, talk to people! Even if you had a bad day, smile! :)

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Comment by Xena
2010-05-15 11:32:08

You (and the author of this article) are completely wrong. What you and the author are talking about is that ‘popular’ leader of the group of sluts- like in the movie Mean Girls- but American pop culture has disguised the meaning of being popular. Popular means that you are well known and very well liked, but most people think being popular is being a bitch to everyone and being the girl all the guys want to get into their pants. Me, I’m actually popular myself, I wanted to look at other people’s ways of being popular to get some laughs- like the laughs I get from the Clique series of books. I’m not a mean person- and although I was blessed with somewhat good looks and smarts, people like me from who I am. I ran (and was elected President of the school- so being on Student Council helped me gain positive relationships with people of all grades. The key is to get to know EVERYONE. Join clubs, teams and other types of groups. Make sure to get to know people in lower grades than you especially- remember: popular means with everyone- not just the people you hang out with and the people in your grade. Smile and wave at everyone and try REALLY hard (but I promise you will not always succeed) and try not to gossip. underclassman are people to, and when they meet a nice upperclassman- they tell their friends and that give your rep a boost with younger students and maybe even their older siblings in grades above or with you! Most of my underclassman friends are friends I met in my Church group, Student Council, my dance company, my cheerleading team, my acting troop and the National Honor Society. Some people are also mistaken when they think that being popular and pretty means you’re stupid and that if you’re a teacher’s pet- you’re a nerd. Me, I’m popular with all grades, smart and have good grades, well liked with both teachers and students, am active in my community and in my Church and I have somewhat good looks. I have friends who aren’t popular and aren’t good looking as well as good looking and popular friends. And yes I feel (and find) that sometimes people use me to get higher on the food chain because infiltrating the most popular girl is easier than trying to get into the group of bitchy snobs. Everything I have said above is true- and if you follow this instead of the nonsense spouted on the rest of this page- you’ll be truly popular. (:

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Comment by Dom
2009-07-04 02:02:49

get a myspace and make it look like your rich on there, shop at platos closet or whatever its called. NEVER tell anyone your poor,,,save your money when you can and get some makeup and when the sun is out tan so you look more attractive. if you can get a job someware and save your money and shop at stores like abercrombie, express, pink, american eagle, armani exchange, but if not go to the stores wevsites and try to find clothes at target or tj max and try to find clothes that look like the ones that the expensive stores have. get a fashionable hair style go to super clips or hair cuttery there pretty cheap,,,get side bangs, Straight hair is whats popular at the moment so try to make tht work,,do not try bolemia or anarexia if you are fat,,,i know its hard to lose the weight but try, Join a sport if it helps. last but not least if anyone does call you rich just say you are verry fortunaite to have nice things or your just wealthy, remember no one likes a rich bitch.

Comment by XOXO
2009-08-04 01:53:37

ACT! ACT! ACT! act like you can, go to cool vintage stores( most are cheap). but places that you think the pop’s (populars) wont know. vintage is cool, cuz then you can creat any look with them.but NEVER i repeat NEVER actualy say, text, blog, write that you are rich because if you are found out you wont be a liar and then the people who accuse you will look bad for discriminating. say they you dont have a car, explain that your rentals dont think a teen should have a car at your age because the accident rate for teens is way higher then the adults, most parents do that. then act like that makes you mad which it probably will. oh and find out were the rich girls shop, get the store bag and stuff the vintagw clothing in there. it has helped me to “accedently” run into the popular girls at their fav stores with the stores bag in hand. but i make tose meetings dhort like i have already gotten what i need, an have a maniand pedi to get to. make sure to actualy paint or buff your nails if you do use this one. any way if you have any more q’s pleas ask. im hear to help the popular challenged.

Comment by liz
2009-09-30 23:03:12

hey i took the advice from the store bag and the vintage clothing. um it kinda worked, i mean i’m hanging with the rivh popular people and have a date with one of them this saterday. awsom advice! thanks XoXo.

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Comment by Jolee
2010-03-08 15:26:43

Just because you can’t “afford” it doesn’t mean you can’t be popular. There’s always a way to get around the money problem. First you don’t have to buy the biggest name brands. Instead go to the smaller names and buy their clothes, purses, etc. but you don’t have to show everyone where you got it from. The main part here is that you don’t want to buy the clothes that just shout “I’m a cheap ass knock off and the only thing that this kid can afford.” Secondly watch how they rich girls act. I don’t mean that you should become a stalker but you should take note of the way they talk, walk, etc. and change it a little bit to fit your personality. Key point here is to not copy everything to the point or else they’ll catch on and then make the rest of your life miserable. (Trust me I’ve seen it happen and it ain’t pretty.” Finally know how to wear your clothes, makeup, and accesories. Don’t come in to school this 20 pounds of make up, excessively flashy clothes and jewlery, and extra large purses or else you’ll just look stupid. Follow these steps and you should be able to fit right in with them. But the number one rule for this advice and any other advice you follow is to keep people from knowing what you’re trying to do. Don’t do this and then expect to be popular the next day or over do the “bling” or people will find you out an ridicule you for it.

Comment by Jake
2009-06-02 17:14:32

This guide is the biggest load of bullshit ive ever heard, there is no such thing as “popular”. At my school i have a lot of friends and consider myself popular in my own group, anyone can be like this, even the nerds!. The whole point of “friends” is that they are people you like for there qualities, if you fake youself to get so-called “popular” friends you might not like them, i like all my friends and they all like me this PP stuff made me lol, hard.

Comment by James Lewitzke
2009-06-02 21:55:47

So you completely missed the whole point of this post then!

Comment by Alejandro
2009-07-02 22:01:52

Exactly man being popular is as simple as this, Treat others the way you want to be treated, and anytime someone treats you badly or unjustified let them know, not necessarily through your words but through your actions.

Comment by jinjing
2009-09-19 00:28:51

yeah he really did. If you don’t care about popularity then why did you look this up read it or even post anything. It just makes you sound insecure and like there’s nothing wrong with you. And popularity has existed since like forever. By practicing the skills of a popular person it will help you with the rest of you life.

Comment by J
2009-06-12 21:38:00

I have popularity, it’s just i don’t really hang out with people after school. Any tips how to become more social with them out of school instead of just inschool?

Comment by Dom
2009-07-04 02:05:13

have a party and invite the kids your friends with. Or during a concersation bring up how you and that person should really hangout sometime. dont be scared it works. If it helps join a sport or club that your friends from school are in so you have more you can do with them.

Comment by XOXO
2009-08-04 01:59:05

get contact info. invi them to outings, more then one person preferably unless its a date or a very close friend. oh and do things for them in school that will make them think of hanging with you the next time they go out with friends. show off how much fun you can have and how much fun you can be around. try to show people that you can help them have fun too if you can. you dont even have to spend mony, ou can hang at a buds house or at the local park.
P.s. i like replies

Comment by jinjing
2009-09-19 00:32:21

you really know what you are talking about. You must be head of the “social butterflys”. Anyone popularityly challenged should listen to this girl!

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Comment by Brad Stanford
2009-06-27 14:46:10

Do not hear such nonsense!
Be yourselves.

Comment by Kiri
2009-06-30 03:25:11


Comment by Alex
2009-07-02 22:03:34

Are you proud of that or something?

Comment by Tiara
2009-07-28 19:45:49

Have fun with that…

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Comment by gross
2009-08-04 02:02:02

ew guys dont like you cuz your a slutthey might not even like you at all your just a little paice of happy time that they dont have to give themselves. have some self respect at the least. your just gross if you like to be used again and again. pretty soon guys wont want to slep with you cuz they’ll think your just a paice of ass thats been used so many times, nothings left to you.

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:42:24

bitch why would you talk shit to her she said nothing offenseve your probably a whore who just dont love herself for you think your better than her at least shes real you fake ass bitch

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Comment by Jolee
2010-03-08 15:32:02

shut the f up no one likes a slut other than for that short time that they’re in bed with them and she’s right guys won’t want to be with her after awhile so don’t call her a bitch

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:40:18

hell yeah girl thats how you do it it dont matter what people think you do what you like and thats really cool fuck anybody who says any differently

Comment by helenawellsx
2010-03-05 08:33:58

naa!!! people just think of youh as a boy who thinks he is hard :L! and your defently NOT! your proberly 12 mate!

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Comment by Kara
2009-06-30 17:00:05

I think everyone who left a comment is right, because everybody has a view. However, to those who have stated that working hard to achieve elite social status is an irrelevant issue and a waste of time, I believe you are correct. I’m not particularly anyone special at my high school; I am not considered a “nerd” or “loser”, yet I’m not considered at the top of the “social mountain” either. I do hang out with the “popular kids” I guess you could say, but I did nothing to get where I am but be 100% myself. If you ask a high school student to tell you one kind of person they cannot stand, what are 85% of them going to say? Most say fakes. Do you really think being something you’re not is going to make people like you? Do you think changing yourself for some glory is going to earn you some respect? Absolutely not. I don’t play any sports at all and I don’t always make straight A’s. I’ve never used my parents’ property without permission to host an event simply because I wanted some “PP’s”. So, guess what I did to earn some life-long, good-hearted friends? It’s crazy, I know, but I was just nice to people, I cracked jokes (not because it’d improve my “rank”, but because I felt like it), I was myself (a goofy teenager), and I respected other people as well as myself. All of this drama and manipulation is exactly why America has one messed up society. So, if you’d like to follow these simple steps above, you go ahead; it’s a free country. But if you want your peers to look at your yearbook picture 20 years from now and not feel hostile for all the backstabbing you did back in the day, be yourself, love yourself, and love those who do the same. It’s a great system, and it only has one step: self-respect.

Comment by Jew
2009-07-02 22:05:05

haha that’s great yeah i hated people who were mean and manipulative and still do.

Comment by Demi cadaver
2009-07-28 19:47:52

who cares? your a jew.

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Comment by gross
2009-08-04 02:05:59

and who are you? oh wait i know this one, a styriotipical discriminating jack ass! or if that was a joke your a joking one. beside those sayings are so 20th century, only losers say those things now.

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:43:55

who cares it was funny dont be a bitch gross

Comment by jinjing
2009-09-19 00:37:50

wow! I know what you are your one of those leafs(people) that have fallin in the stream(high school ranking), you just floated along until you hit a rock and met up with other floating debri(people just tolerated you becaouse you posed nothing of a danger) in the middle.It worked for you and congratulations to you but that floating tequenic only works for those of you that can keep it cool.

Comment by KaraJayneeee
2010-04-18 03:51:26

my names kara lol

Comment by Dom
2009-07-04 01:42:29

okay i have a question?,,, im not popular and im not a loser,,people say alot of shit about me,,and im verry known threwout my highschool, weather there saying something good or bad. i want to be popular, but not to be loved but to set a goal for myself, to show that im a stronger person, and i dont want some bull shit answer saying that just be yourself,,,,becasue to be truly honest i dont anyone is ever there self. so please if you have any advise please give it to me?

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:46:10

you are read your comment man you are what you want to be if you want to show your stronger than what you appear to be then make your voice heard

Comment by haley
2009-07-09 09:53:19

i understand your post and all but im going into high school. with basically all the kids from my middle school hating me. i have a few friends but i hate the social outcast group. its not very fun at all. i dont wanna be one of those preps who are super skinny and diss anyone who is not them. do you have any ideas to help me get rid of my middle school status and be somewhat normal in high school.

Comment by XOXO
2009-08-04 02:14:37

yeah just completly re do yourself. do an attitude check first. be nice but dont let people walk all over you show that your someone to be respected not feared though. and next go for a completly different look. i was in the same sitch two years back and i was known for wearing alot of makeup, my long wavy red hair and my big baggy shirts. so i cut my hair to a bob, lessesnd my makeup to the point were i just were foundation, mascera, and a little bblus( the boy’s response was great, apperently i have lot to work with, wit out the makeup.) and started wearing clothes that fit me and showed my curvs off a little. alot of people didnt recognize me so i started over with them and the people then recognized me could see that i changed on the outside and were curiouse to see if i had my personality in check. now i’m social buterfly (atmy school their known as social drifters cuz we are a member of alot of groups and drift to one to the other throughout the year.) hope this helps

Comment by jinjing
2009-09-19 00:45:05

what XoXo said is always usful. But there is one guy i saw go through the same thing hes weak, skinny, and insecure and in middle school he tried to be COOL but that didn’t workout for him everyone hated and a lot still do hate him. But he kept quit the end of 8th grade and the begging of this year adn that worked for him he slowly began to get noticed and now he fits into the scattered group. I have to say i dont think he’ll get up there in the ranks but at least everyone doesn’t still beat him up. So if the advice XoXo gave doesn’t work just sort of hide focus on your school work untill one of those blessed butterflys comes to greet you that is the time to strike! hope this helps a little.^_^

Comment by Megan
2009-07-14 12:40:39

There are some good tips up there but some of them could get you in some trouble. like if you becme part of a group and stab one of them in the back you could be in some major drama. And being popular doesnt mean you have to be a B****. it just means that lots of people like you but dont be a goodie goodie its fun to take risks somtimes but if there is somthing that could get you is huge trouble i suggest you dont do it. here are some great tips on becoming popular.

1.Be willing to step out of your comfort zone. If you’re not popular, it’s because you’re not comfortable doing the things that popular people tend to do–making conversation, cracking jokes, flirting, and in general, engaging people. You might be introspective, shy, or quiet, but in order to get what you want, you need to change how you interact with people. At first, that might feel like you’re being shallow or fake, but remember that being yourself is, at its core, all about knowing what you truly want out of life. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be on good terms with most people (which is what popularity really is). To be popular, you’re going to need to take a few chances (on a social level) that normally feel uncomfortable (perhaps terrifying) to you. So be prepared to be bold.

2.Be friendly. Popular people are on friendly terms with pretty much everyone–not only their peers, but also the teachers, the supervisors, the grocery store clerk, the janitor, the parents, the kids, and generally anyone who’s even the tiniest bit nice. (The only people they’re not friends with are the ones who are practically impossible to get along with.) They’re on good enough terms that they can hold a short, friendly conversation with anyone in the room. There’s no reason you can’t do that, too.

3.Talk to anyone and everyone who crosses your path. Smile, say hello, and if they greet you back, ask them how they’re doing. No matter where you go, make it a habit to chat with strangers and acquaintances alike, even if it’s just for a few minutes.
Keep it casual. Small talk is all about sticking to “safe” topics. Stay away from anything controversial, like religion or politics. By expressing your views on a controversial topic, you’re bound to be unpopular with people who disagree. Keep the topics “light”.
Be polite. Respect people’s privacy; don’t pry. Learn to read body language so you can see when your questions are starting to make them feel uncomfortable. Don’t invite yourself anywhere, don’t brag, and don’t interrupt. In other words, don’t be annoying.
Stop thinking about yourself. Of all the people skills that popular individuals have, the one that none of them can do without is empathy. How well do you relate to other people? If you’re so caught up in how they perceive you that you don’t consider how they feel, then you’re being self-absorbed–not in that cocky, obnoxious sort of way, but still, your thoughts are revolving around you. Stop worrying so much about how you look, how you sound, how you compare, and start thinking about how other people are doing. Don’t try to act interesting to get other people’s attention; act interested in them. Ask them how work or school is going, how their family is doing, how that situation they mentioned a while back turned out, and so on. Then relate. Talk to them about how you or someone you know had something similar happen to them, and how they dealt with it. Find common ground.

4.Give a helping hand. Popular people don’t just know everyone–they’re on good terms with everyone. They establish those terms by helping people out, and they don’t do it in particularly noticeable ways (they’re not the martyrs or saints of society). They do little things to establish rapport (in addition to some big things, like volunteering). They offer someone a pencil when they need it. They close the neighbor’s gate when it opens after a strong wind. They hold the door open and wait for the person behind them. But most often, they listen to people when they talk, and they offer to help somehow. If you truly empathize with people, you’ll want things to work out for them. If there’s nothing you can do to help then, at the very least, let them know that you’re hoping the best for them. Here are some phrases that you’ll often hear popular people saying:

“Well, I hope things work out. If you need anything, just call me, OK?”
“Whoa, that’s crazy. I can’t believe he did that. Do you want me to talk to him for you?”
“Yeah! I definitely want to go check that out. Do you want to go there together? We can split the gas that way.”
Be yourself. It may sound trite, but popular people live out this popular phrase. You might think that in order to be popular, you need to be attractive and talented, but–while it’s true that those qualities are more likely to make you a hit with people–there are extremely popular people who are otherwise quite average, and there are extremely good-looking and talented people who are anything BUT popular. Remember, the only thing you need in order to be popular is a good set of people skills–the remainder is all yours to mold as you see fit, regardless of what anyone else thinks.
Don’t try too hard. Surprisingly, many “popular” people don’t put too much conscious effort into it. They simply are themselves. If you’re desperate to be popular, it will show in your actions, and people will think you’re a poser, or worse, a freak. It helps if you find a group of friends that shares your interests, whom you can easily be yourself around. Then as you become more and more accustomed to hanging out with people, you can branch out and start talking to different people. But don’t abandon your old friends!


Comment by coby
2009-07-17 17:25:06





Comment by karissa
2009-08-05 23:23:59

I totally agree, if you’re trying to be someone you’re not, eventually you’re going to slip up or do something that the “new” you wouldnt have done.
and being popular isn’t about how you look or dress, of course appearance matters, but if you’re an overall friendly person, chances are you’re going to make lot’s of friends. :)

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:48:13

well most highschool kids are dumbasses and like that they will find it cool and dangerous making people them

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Comment by duff rasiti
2010-05-23 01:53:56

whoa this actually worked!!! even though i was allready popular!! i am even more poplar haha well this has helped me heaps thnx xxxx :D

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Comment by karissa
2009-08-05 23:20:15

What I don’t get is the “start a fight” what’s the purpose of that?
if you want to have lots of friends, why start a fight, the person you’re starting a fight with obviously has friends too, and therefore, they will all hate you, so thats just more people that don’t like you.
and secondly, what if you have parents who actually care about you? I’m sure they don’t want you going and getting into fights do they?
maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about or maybe I’m actually making sense?
you decide.

Comment by jinjing
2009-09-19 00:53:15

I think this was a well written guide but i to don’t understand the “fight” part for the same reason, i think this move is for the hungrily desperate.

Comment by Cookie
2009-08-11 09:09:58

okay so im going to high school next year, and im scared. I am what yo u may call an Oreo ( black on the outside, white on the inside) and this summer i went to a camp that was purely ghetto and i loved it. but when i started acting black at home my sisters thought i was being fake. but they all ways make fun of me for being a white girl. so here’s my question. how do you choose what clique you want to be in? im very friendly and connect with people easily. but sometimes the way you dress will really not want people to associate with you (the hierarchy at my middle and elementary school, and pretty much my whole town), and mine is kinda unique b.c i like all of them, and mainly wear, urban, prep, and scene. which do i choose??

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:49:59

mix em all up in higher grades people like to see different styles make your own mix

Comment by lauren
2009-08-17 01:04:13

HEY>WELL im going into th 7th grade and everything!well i guess i could say i am popular?people think of me as a nice gal none sluty social butterfly, very VERY TALKITIVE,well known and all of that.but im ALWAYS in a compitition with my bff!like if she makes a joke i want to make a joke because ill be scared they wont like me anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AHHHH IT MAKES ME ANGRY THAT I ALWAYS WORRY ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE THINK OF ME!but its always a COMPITITION at our school.if your not popular then your not cool!i dont get why but i wish it would just change!

Comment by catherine
2009-09-02 15:13:31

I agree that it doesn’t technocalliy help you to be popular in thr long run. It does however help you ways that you don’t know yet. If you become a social outcast you lose people skills you could have gained and become an entirly new person then you would have. Another thing is if you are popular you are happier, most of the time. I’m against bieng popular, just don’t be a social outcast, find some good reliable friends that are reasonably social and you will be fine.

I was a social outcast for a year but I managed to get popular friends within the next year and I have become a more happy and confident person. I get good grades, have a reasonbly goodlooking, sweet boyfriend that I love, many great friends that’ll last for a long time, and lots and lots of memories.:)

Comment by catherine
2009-09-02 15:15:46

Lauren: Thats mostly 7th grade. I got to highschool a few years ago and its not so much as a competion. It was the same for me in 6th 7th and 8th. You’ll be fine, just wait it out or make some good friends as well, that you dont have to worry about.

Comment by andie
2009-09-17 00:33:17

Okay, so i’ve just become a junior in High School.
I know what I want to do with my life,
and I love who I am (most of the time).
Sometimes, I lack confidence to be who I truly am,…
basically I’m not comfortable around everyone.
I want to be an actress, so when I preform I’m just fine,
when I’m on stage or directly asked a question I handle it very well.
But sometimes I can’t push to be in the center.
I suppose you could say I’m too nice?
But the primary reason I’m commenting is that even though
I have A LOT of people I say hi to, talk to, laugh with
*aquantinces/semi friends* I don’t have anywhere to sit at lunch.
- well okay I do, but it’s with the scene crowd (aka emo/goth) but the
thing is, I am NOT either. I plan my outfits the night before, don’t wear too
much eyeliner or dark clothes, I don’t slit my wrists, I’m not overly obnoxious.
But at the same time, all of thoese people are REALLY nice.
I like to give everyone a chance. -
I want somewhere to sit where I don’t feel like people are giving me strange stares.
I don’t like being the sore thumb.

Also, as a girl, I want guys to like me more than a little sister/friend.
AND I want them to STAY friends with me. (my guy friendships seem to almost always die,
and I’m not so sure why).
I suppose that I’m pretty. But I’m nothing like “popluar girl barbie pretty.” I have fair skin,
hazel eyes, light brown/dirty blonde hair, big eyes, I weigh 135lbs and I’m five foot.
(I have a “volupsuous” or “womanly body” hahahaha – my bra size is 34d, and my butt is … squeezable :P)
The thing is, I can’t help but looking like a mature little kid.
It’s strange.
Is THAT why guys never are into me?
I mean, I’ll think I have something going on with a guy, and POOF it will be over.
how can I get a guy to like me from step one.
I mean, I befriend them talk to them, laugh (depending on the guy, sometimes I’m too shy to talk to the popular guys)
(that’s irionic because I can obviously talk up a storm)

okay okay okay, so to the point.
I wont dieee if I’m not “queen bee” of the school, but it would make highschool life much more… interesting.
=] just so I have cool memories.
But I want to be friends with EVERYONE (that type of queen ;P)
and I want guys to like me / notice me in a new light.
andd I want somewhere to sit where I feel comfortable. (that one I have no idea how to manuver)

okeydokey artichokey :D

Comment by jinjing
2009-09-19 01:04:40

Ahhh so i see you want to be the second in command you have the west palace and your oppnent the east castle. Is that it. At my school the girls can’t seem to pull enough backbone and daggers to eliminate the competition. We have north ,east ,west ,south, and all inbetween palaces its pretty annoying. As for the luch tabel thing this is complicated. Especially if you move to a rural community school where everyone knows each other from preschool. These cirles qliques are tough to wedge into to but you can do it with some elbo grease and charm. Just sort of slip in, don’t arrive at the table just sort of get surrounded. oh i dont know: that is a tricky one im sure XOXO would have some good advice.

Comment by XoXo
2009-09-30 23:22:22

well i don’t know what i would do about the lunch time sitting arangments, my school= huge and no particular map to it. but the guy thing i have experience with. i try to start off with a friendly convo, you know something casual that both can safly be interested in. then as it continues i start flirting. my favorite line ” you know your eyes are awsonm, they make you look cute.” or something along those lines. but try not to act to forward, this is the hard part i know. the other thing is the way you look. i know that people are always saying ‘be yourself and don’t change for anyone’ but your really not if you think that it will make YOU happier. try an updo or a sophisticated new hair cut. and outfits that are more “adultish” ( i know; not a word but you know what i mean.) i personally like the store called Papaya. their clothes are fantastic and can be adapted into any style, but affordble too. and as to the whole ” strange stares” thing, i’m sorry but thats all you. you chose to ignore it and look like your having a rocking time with your life or look too deep into it and freak your self out. ( i like the first choice better personaly). oh and to JingJing, i wanna say thanks for the reference, and being a confedenc ebooster.

Comment by John
2009-09-21 19:05:39

Ok…If you truly wanna be popular you won’t be reading a guide on how to be popular you just gotta hang with the right ppl and jk around a bit if every1 likes you life is good if no1 likes well you got issues

Comment by Samantha
2009-09-25 00:59:52

idk how 2 say this byut that dude is all wronge!i no how 2 be popular because im the most popular at my school.but im not going 2 give u guys any tips because i beleive losers should stay losers and populars should stay populars.

Comment by AllieRose
2010-04-29 15:52:33

I’m sorrrryyy… but wow. Someone with a lot of friends wouldn’t say that. The phrase “populars”? That’s immature. And someone “popular” wouldn’t be caught dead saying something that shalloww.

Comment by Samantha
2009-09-25 01:02:08

well u no we all have our ways like every1 who gos on here is a loser except me.

Comment by XoXo
2009-10-01 18:01:17

funny, then why are you on here? look i am considered popular but i don’t go on a website saying that everyone who comments on that page is a loser. that would mean that by your own definition you would be a loser. you see you kinda calling yourself a loser and by saying that you are popular you become more of a loser. and if you do go to one of those schools that makes it evident about the popular hiarchy, then that means there are verry little people. so i would say you wouldnt know how to be popular, my school has over seven thousand students and i am considered popular and i’m also known at most of the other schools in my district, and known fondly not one of those love to hate you popular people. try doing that, then you might get somewere with the whole true popularity thing. i don’t like FAKERS.

Comment by Lucy
2009-11-12 21:38:27

Ha. You’re not popular. Populars don’t BRAG so much about their frigin popularity.

Comment by AllieRose
2010-04-29 15:53:04

agreeee with lucy

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Comment by CC
2009-10-10 15:58:48

i can’t believe this guide would be on the net… serousily i hope everyone came here for a good laugh. I mean go to school and act yourself, if they don’t like it then fuck em.

Comment by sence
2009-11-13 23:34:46

love maan,Thats just what i’ve been waiting to hear, why concern your self with being popular when it you should just learn to be yourself, instead of killing your self over things you will do to get popular in HIGHSCHOOL while it may get you suspended or even expeled E.g sleeping with a teacher was written by whoever wrote this article as a way to get points, points from who any way? why would any reasonable student wanna do that, now thats just sick. if your not popular because of who you really are your very wrong, people will just see you as acting like a bitch.sure they will respect you in your presence but in the rumors about you they will amplify your bad deeds and make you a serious out cast. I can say all this because i was once suspended in my 9th grade for something i now want others to avoid.Its good to be popular but dont make yourself a fool trying to become one. afterall we’re meant to acquire knowledge in a schoools.thats BIGBOY-SENCE(that is matured thinking)thinking.

Comment by Madison
2009-10-18 21:33:46

WOW! all of this actually makes sense! Its not just a bunch of junk that has nothing to do with what I’m asking. thanks a ton! :):):)

Comment by zack Monroe
2009-11-02 19:55:11

For you’re whole life in high-school you’ll always be surrounded by scum-bag hypocrites. And thats what destroyed me. If school is hell then consider me in the 9th circle. The only way to become popular at a high-school is to party, pound alcohol, experiment with drugs, fuck rich sluts, piss off teachers, fight, show the losers who’s boss and hate your parents because after all they are fucking hypocrites too, telling you not to do that shit in high-school when they did it. Thats a good reason to rebel them. Even leaders in my youth group at church party hard. One girl who made students against drunk driving got caught with a DUI. They think your a pussy bible thumper if you don’t do any of this foul shit that I’ve spoken and your life will lead u to nothing but failure and loneliness. Don’t ever resort to suicide or killing that’ll just make you look even more of a coward and suicide is a cowards way out. A shooting spree will lead you into prison and you’ll be the same loser except your also labeled crazy, hated and you are gonna get ass raped. This is not a joke this is coming from someone who is a considered a loser in high-school because i don’t drink and do good things to actually help the world ( example: I did a halloween fundraiser haunted house in my house for breast cancer donations. I asked most of my friends, which turns out they mock me behind my back, and they obviously flaked on me because they rather break the law and party instead of helping dying people. I raised over 600 bucks that night all by my self. Still no one is grateful.) To sum it all up: Party do crazy shit that’ll get u arrested or you-re a loser in high-school and maybe for life.

Comment by Kimi
2009-11-12 21:35:50

Ha. your schools messed up.
But yeah I guess if you’re acting all “excited” about “lame” stuff like charity ppl will make fun of you at my school too. But it is kinda funny…
I would say to stop doing so much charity stuff accept on weekends when no one notices and you still don’t have to knock your brains out to be popular… weirdo ppls

Comment by sarra
2009-12-22 14:13:07

fuck them dude…..pffffffffff

Comment by Andrew
2010-06-09 00:19:51

WORD. That’s how it goes, my only problem is how do you start getting in situations where you have the opportunity to drink and be a complete assface?

Comment by brandon
2009-11-09 00:52:19

nice thats whats up

Comment by Kimi
2009-11-12 21:30:05

Ok I saw this page when I searched for 1st day of school outfits and I just clicked on it. And let me tell you this person doesn’t know nothing about popularity in high school. For the groups there are also losers, mean girls, emos and video game heads at every school! And you don’t have to manipulate yourself to be popular you have to do the opposite and dress differently from everyone. Then you have to be loud, confident and nice. Simple as that!

Comment by elizabeth
2009-12-05 22:46:39

my sckool is small and it doesnt have groups. theres all of the popular people who get along with everyone but the nerds and then the nerds and shy people.how do i become popular in a small school.

Comment by person
2009-12-06 23:01:43

First of all Brandon your comments are hilarious and second of all I have a question about school crap. I have this friend and we have been friends for a while since I moved to this town and I kind of like her like I want to maybe date her I don’t know but the thing is she has a bigger social circle then me and I guess I don’t feel “popular” enough to ask her out.

Comment by sarra
2009-12-22 14:01:13

u can become popular like i did it but not for a long time because one day u’ll get bored and discover that u are spending the time on acting like popular person , not be who u are and keepin on making jokes with people who are big loosers in the reality and they acting like they’re your best friends when they don’t know nothing about you ……………just live your life guys don’t care what people are saying about you or what are they thinkin ……………………fuckkk them

Comment by Wister J. Mister
2010-01-14 17:03:45

While I do agree there is a lot of work it takes to become popular, there are some flaws in your writings.
First off, I think you need to totally scrap that whole “popularity points” thing. You really can’t moniter your popularity with things you do. For example, you could crack a joke in class and may think it earned you 2 points or whatever, but really it just annoys people.
Second, I think you do WAAY too much stereotyping. Everyone is different and there really is no solid way to become popular and appeal a certain “group” of people because they are all individuals.

Comment by Marlon
2010-01-18 19:44:51

This is ridiculous. A points system for becoming popular?! oh dear..

Comment by j-ron
2010-01-22 19:33:23

are you serious with this

Comment by Olivia
2010-01-30 22:37:48

Thanks :) tottaly gonna try dis :) hahahahaha mmmmmmmwahhhahahaha.

Comment by Jake
2010-02-12 01:01:58

Being popular is fun as fuck. I’m a freshman guy. Date upperclass girls. That help. You people say it doesn’t matter but at one time I pretty much got kicked out of the crowd and I was really depressed and I hated it. Drugs and drinking honestly makes you look cool that’s what my school does but you can really go out of control easy and get in serious trouble. It feels great to be popular but if your not at the top you can still have fun! Oh and act like you don’t give a shit about anything it works so well it’s crazy but works.

Comment by Jake
2010-02-12 01:09:44

Ohhh and I totally agree with Monroe

Comment by Pmanda
2010-02-13 17:17:29

Why do people care about how to be popular? All you have to do is have confidence with yourself and find friends who like you for who you are and that are trustworthy. That’s all. You live through high school once. If you want a lot of friends, then be social and nice, that’s all. That’s my advice for you guys. By the way, I read the article above, and in my opinion, it’s pretty stupid. All you need to do, once again, is be friendly with everyone, confident, socialize and join groups at school.
Hope I was able to help :)

Comment by Chrissy
2010-02-28 22:42:30

This is probably good advice for guys, but I’m a girl. (lol just a tiny problem :])
My problem is that i attend this academic program that puts me in the 3 classes with the same 24 people for all four years of high school. Everyone that knows me thinks I’m nice and all but I don’t get to meet many people throughout the day. (And no I didn’t join this program of my free will. My parents signed me up.)

Oh also I’m attending a different high school thats not in my home town so none of my old friends are with me.

I was too busy to join and clubs/sports this year (freshmen). Also, because I’m in this program, people automatically think..”nerd/geek” w.e. I’m not.

How can I break out of this and get more friends and make myself a different rep?

Comment by Jessica
2010-03-02 23:01:28

oh no offense but this is stupid…im popular at school and i dont have to goe trough all dat crazy shit..u mention….for those of you who want to be “popular” just talk to everyone, you shouldn’t care if they are ugly,tall,fat,short,etc. && just BE YOU and have fun…people dont need to smoke and get to wild enough to get kicked out of school by starting a fight thats just fukin stupid..

Comment by Laura Lacerate
2010-03-14 01:43:23

i no rite? same here.

Comment by Zac
2010-03-08 15:42:26

I’m not at all popular and just moved into the school system with about 5 friedns who knew me at my old school. They’re all at different social levels and would be able to tell if i’m trying to move up the ladder as soon as i tried it and they would shoot me down. I don’t want to be the most popular kid in school but i do want people to know and like me. Also i have a small weight problem. I’m nowher near fat but i’m not thin and muscular which i think would help me become popular. What do i do and does anyone have a way fro me to slim down and get some muscle? HELP!!!

Comment by Dani
2010-04-01 16:27:20

Dear Friends, Happy Fool’s Day!!

A Texan farmer goes to Australia for a vacation. There he meets an Aussie farmer and gets talking. The Aussie shows off his big wheat field and the Texan says, “Oh! We have wheat fields that are at least twice as large.”
Then they walk around the ranch a little and the Aussie shows off his herd of cattle. The Texan immediately says, “We have longhorns that are at least twice as large as your cows.”
The conversation has, meanwhile, almost died when the Texan sees a herd of kangaroos hopping through the field. He asks, “And what are those?”
The Aussie asks with an incredulous look, “Don’t you have any grasshoppers in Texas?”

Happy April Fool’s Day!

Comment by DaMan
2010-04-02 21:24:32

Yo just be yourself. Simple as that. Don’t try to copy anyone else to try to climb the social ladder, it will just make ppl dislike you. Be nice to EVERYONE (tht includes the jocks, druggies, nerds, girls, etc.), and try to have as many friends as possible. Stay in touch with all your friends! The worst thing is to lose a good friend!!

P.S. Easiest way to get to top of social ladder for guys: Sleep with the quote “hottest” teacher in your school. ;)

Comment by Blondiee
2010-04-02 21:26:29


2010-04-04 20:55:55

Do you know what’s funny about this whole page and website for everyone on it including me? We all came to this website because we felt that maybe people would have the answer to becoming popular and how to achieve it at that but why would we take time out of our day to even figure out or even type in how to get such a thing?! Thats the real question, you see all my life i have been trying to figure out how those obtained such popularity when some people weren’t attractive or out of shape or sometimes didn’t even dress right and there were popular people that did and looked fit and looked just right. To me i think it depends on the person and how they percieve how things should be. We are so stereotypical on how people should look and how things should be thats why people such as ourselves come up with either groups or cliques whatever you want to call them and take those that fit right and exclude those that don’t and thats were rankings come from. Thats how popularity is brought up. I can’t tell you like the person who created this post said that i was a popular person and nor would i say that i was a geek or nerd but what’s up with these labels anyways. I will be honest in my highschool days i did talk to people that were well known and i talked to those least liked whether they were attractive or not because im just that kind of person. I also stuck up for those who were bullied. Maybe the plan that this person is saying could work for anyone but why waste your time doing something so stupid? So that when you grow older you can tell your children that you were a trophy to some and an asshole to the other?! I mean serioulsy what are you trying to prove by trying to get some kind of social status. Sure as a kid growing up people were made fun of and take that treatment and put it back on others. My opinion on everything is it all balls down to you. Even with confidence it still relies on you. Life doesn’t revolve around popularity or any kind of social status it’s hard work and what you will achieve. What you are willing to do to survive and get what you want and go out for the job or career you want to make something out of youself. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard the quote “only the strong survive” or at least “survival of the fittest”. I’ts what you can bring to the tabel to be who you want to be and not impress someone you secretly hated all your life. Thats not the way anything works in the real world. So my advice is to really stay in the books and get the education because life doesn’t have no prom king or queen it just has a president.

Comment by AllieRose
2010-04-29 15:47:49

I just read this entire thing.
Let me tell you, I am in middle school. I am friends with many people in high school whom I have confronted my worries about popularity to. I am eager for next year when I will be a freshman at my high school. I am considered one of the more “popular” people in my grade. I have many friends and I rotate who I hang out with every day. Being at the VERY top is no fun. Peaking is bad. It’s good to be popular, and my definition of popular is being loud and expressing yourself and having lots of friends and aquaintences. From what I have gathered so far, some tips on being popular are:
1) BEING LOUD. Be extremely loud and outgoing… People will want to know you.
2) HAVING MANY FRIENDS AND PEOPLE SKILLS… this is essential. Be nice to EVERYONE. Never backstab. Be nice to all of your friends and hang our with everyone.
3) SUBTLE HUMOR. Be funny… subtely. It’s that simple. Don’t try to be the class clown, but make sure you say amusing comments every now and then.
4) Be in legitimate relationships with people.
5) Dress uniquely… set trends. Shop at new stores. Get everything new and in style.
6) Have at least one outstanding talent/something cool that you do. Trust me.
There are more :) contact me

Comment by AllieRose
2010-04-29 15:54:19


Comment by THExSELLxOUT
2010-05-20 18:36:31

you guys are fucking stupid as hell on a real note popularity my ass lmao….if it was meant for you to be it would have happened……everyone gets there chance so just wait and two once again what the fuck will happen when you leave high school ya fucking air heads lol

Comment by joker
2010-05-22 16:55:11

just b ur self,…,be popular,…again just b ur….bla,bla,bla,… this is the kind of shit that makes ur head spin!! u can try both,but still end up fucked up @ z end of the day… so my advice? well shoot ur selves! but if u got somebody depending in u,,, just live ur shitty life like a fucking loser.

thank u!

Comment by David
2010-06-01 08:41:11

This isn’t helpful when your 1 of 200 white kids out of 3000 which is primarly African American

Comment by WalesxGirlxCardiff
2010-06-07 10:20:36

its pretty helpful – but don’t you need to, maybe, try and build up a good popular rep, maybe, in the more earlier years of high school? Because if your are a loser in my high school, its extremely hard to become popular. Extremely hard. And, in response to the Comment above, i really don’t see how being with people who are a different race can effect how popular you are. I, personly, am not one of the really popular ones, as the more popular ones are extremely outgoing, chatty, and have millions of friends and boyfriends. But, then again I am not a geek. I am fairly good looking (if i do say so myself :D) but i do not have loads of boyfriends. I’m the kind of one who waits for the right person ect. ect. I have friends, good friends, but not loads. I totally agree with you saying ” that no matter how popular anyone becomes. it dosnt mean squat in the real world” – but – it does make your life more pleasant. please reply to this comment because i would really like to know weather you agree or not. thank you, though, for at least trying to help people out x

Comment by Andrew
2010-06-09 00:57:08

haha nice I’m finishing up my freshman year of highschool :D, and I agree with you pretty much, except it’s not all about being outgoing (though that definitely helps) it’s about being noticed and having a lot of interaction, if you talk with more people you’ll have more friends. What I have trouble with the most is breaking the ice with people to where I don’t feel to conscious of what I’m saying, because I can be pretty stupid if I’m insecure :(. I can also not stress enough the mistake I made this year, I consider myself to be a very smart kid, but that doesn’t mean shit if I don’t do my work, and people generally want to be friends with smarter people, (Who wants stupid friends?) and grades are a good show of that. Do not forget your schoolwork, school is for building the fundamentals in which you can succeed in life, which are in my opinion: Social skills, Common Sense, and Specific studies.

haha my comment wasn’t exactly directed towards you but you wanted a reply so here you are :D

Comment by Andrew
2010-06-09 01:02:04

Popularity is like history…
History is decided by the winners…
so therefore Popularity is decided by the winners…
it’s all psychological
Theoretically being a nerd could be the cool thing and being a jock could be stupid, but I think hard work is cool, and if your a hard worker in anything it’s a basis for you to get friends.

ps: sports teams are a great way to meet people, and if you’re half retarded you can make friends on the way you play some stupid physical game! Almost no mental effort whatsoever, just don’t suck.

Comment by AntonyNeal
2010-06-13 06:30:59

95% of you sound like retards. I am not in high school and i was not popular in high school but i loved my friends and was happy with them. Why would you want to exchange them? Change your friends if you don’t like who they are but apart from that stick with them long term friends are not as easy to make once you leave high school. I understand if you want to become more “popular” so you don’t get the shit kicked out of you or so your not abused some other way. But apart from this i think your a shit person if you want to trade in you friends for some others to appease same base ideal of climbing the great chain of being. How’s it help you or anyone else?

I am doing engineering at the uni I want to do it at with the girl I want to be with. Life is good for me and I can see it being good for the rest of my life. High school popularity is pointless and you cant take it with you. It doesn’t give you any reward other then being able to say oh im popular.

Samantha and helenawellsx are both empty headed idiots I hope never breed and die via vicious anal rape carried out by a very angry walrus or giant squid am not fussy.

And another thing ive noticed is it seems people think money makes you popular. My parents had as much money as any of the “popular” people and I was still hanging out with nerdy people.

Comment by Hayley
2010-06-25 01:41:34

Yes I agree but…
When you go to high school sometimes you don’t know anyone!!!
So… then you will not betray ANYONE:)
Any way I’m going to high school I don’t know anyone and I want to be popular. When I was in primary school I had my group of friends and with the boys however played with the popualar now me and my friends and the popular group is all toegether so there your advice is offically stupied.
SORRY!!! but is looks like i’m totally better than you.

Comment by DD
2010-07-06 04:44:11

i’m not popular. anyway, i wrote a book and if students at my school find out, would they call me a nerd?

Comment by Tyler
2010-07-07 05:34:35

I am 14 years old and i am going into high school next year. Since i am already very popular, i don’t have this problem. Good luck though ;)

Comment by anna
2010-07-08 15:37:17

u wrote a book? thats a lot to write i dont really read books buuuuuuttt b urself if u want to b popular yet u r like super smart and think to much of it then it woulnt work out. To b popular u have to 1 b stylish :) 2 b urself cause if ur not urself wen ur popular then ur 2 faced and i personally hate 2 faced ppl. i just moved all the way across the us literly atl to idaho. i was queen b at my old school but i started wen i was like 9 soo ya new place and all idk but im a cheerleader and i already k some ppl so i think im good some of u r right some rnt. if ur confident always positive fun to b around and not shy then u will b good

Comment by Nancy
2010-07-10 14:33:41

From Nancy…

You know…I think that will help me a lot in the future!I lost all of my friends and no one is next to me to support me now…That will be my first year in High School and I want to prove first to myself,and second to all who left me alone,that I’m not the same person I was in the past…I hope everything’s gonna be alright and I’m sure that the other readers also will be inspired by this text…
Sorry 4 my mistakes

Comment by Bianca
2010-07-17 00:42:39

you dont really have to do all those things just be yourself and talk to people. It’s not like the “popular” kids are going to ignore you!

Comment by Queen Bee
2010-07-19 14:20:45

I’m starting high school next year and find this post very helpful. Here’s MY story:

During elementary school I wasn’t the queen bee, or a loser, or in the middle. My situation was a bit more difficult. Starting in grade 4, when people started to care who was “cool” or not, I had two very close friends. Halfway through the year one of my friends joined the popular crew. Then came back to us, hating the popular crew for reasons unknown or forgotten to me.

In grade 5 my other friend (who I found out was backstabbing my friend and I) joined the popular crew for good. For a few days all of us were friends again (even the popular crew). Then fights broke out. The groups were back: my friend and I v.s the popular girls+the backstabbing “friend”. I found that the popular’s weren’t really mad at me ,but my friend; so that made it seem like I was just following my other friend. That set my status somewhere unknown: enemy of the popular’s (but not quite) and not a loser, or queen bee, or in the middle (because I had a connection to the popular group, unli8ke other middle class or loser people).

In grade 6 EVERYTHING changed. I switched schools. Now that could be a good thing (cuz you get to start all over and no one knows you) or a bad thing for the same reason. It was a good thing for me. I knew what it took to become popular and that helped me a lot. Also what was really lucky is that I’m good looking (or “hot” as all the guys say) and I moved next to the queen bee at my new school. Now It would take to long to explain everything, but long story short is that I became very popular and all the guys like me.

Problem. Next year everyone from my old school will be going to my high school along with my current school. I don’t want them to litter my friends brains with rumors and gossip about me. But I have enough confidence that I can take them down before they try to take me down.
Bye for now,
Queen Bee (for now)

2010-07-19 14:23:58

UMMM , coming from a popular person I can confidently say that the popular people will definitely ignore you Bianca!

Comment by gg
2010-07-19 14:31:53

Dear DD,

I am very popular and I write poems and books and everyone knows! Follow this guide it should work. And uh, plz make sure ur book is good.

Comment by heartbreaker
2010-07-19 14:36:30

Dear AntonyNeal,

U r my idol! HaHa lol!

plus if you read this post you should follow it cuz you are obvi a nerd for evening searching this post!

P.S im not nerd im cool and i have to do a project on this so there!

Comment by Kenzie Marie
2010-07-19 20:42:37

I think i’m going to revise the points; some are a bit off. Be back muck later or tomorrow? :)

Comment by Kenzie Marie
2010-07-19 20:51:27

Queen Bee!! Keep in touch with me; I have the EXACT same problem next year, but wait this is important: Who is the majority of your school??

Comment by kirsten
2010-07-22 01:14:40

popularity is allllllllllllllll about being nice to people and being attractive.
and .. backstabbing? wtf? who needs that crap?
itss NOT THAT DRAMATIC, you guys
if you have a good personality, act confident and shit and people will want to talk to you, so youll have more friends.
if you donnt have such a good personality (me – im INCREDIBLY awkward) act like you dont see anyone in the hallways because youre too deep in thought. if people dont meet you, they cant find out how awkward or annoying you are, and then they leave it to their imaginations. and if youre attractive, their imagination will like you bahah

Comment by Ellie
2010-07-22 02:31:20

hahaha.. nice.. alright but.. u still have sum improvement ;)

Comment by Bree
2010-07-25 00:41:15

So If you so popular, umm why are you on here. Like why would you even look up “how to be popular” if you are popular? hahahah thats hilarious

Comment by frank
2010-08-18 16:53:27

thats why ur a nerd..

Comment by chris
2010-08-21 20:10:15

ugh what if im cool on the out side liek im kinda swole and preety good looking ;) but my personalaty is wack and stupid….and im all so shy soooooo what can i do from there? oh and im prety good at sports too ill might be picher for my highschool yeah oh and like in 2 days is my first day of school (highschool freshman) sooo yeah i need some kind of help can any of u ppl help me?

Comment by finn
2010-08-29 12:40:51

hey thanks dude, that worked out really good, im really popular and almost everyone loves me to death! it was great dude, i made about 150pp this year it was amazing, i only dated 6 girls so im not a complete slut! haha, yeah anyways thanks this really helped me out, i stilll am kinda bad at math but i think i understould everything you rote down. thanks again dude!

Comment by Josh
2010-09-05 16:30:59

Right…i became popular without knowing it…
i was unusual dressed differantly (differant is a great way for popularity)
and inoo im only 14 but smoking, and all the cool kids were asking me for ciggies so i gave them one
and one day they asked me to sit with them at lunch and lessons, and after school
i was partying like every weekend and getting drunk every weekend
gaining popularity is great especially if you have over 4500 friends on facebook
Yes i have 4783 friends :)
take this advice …

Comment by Keiha
2010-09-07 20:12:11

Like hell they will accept you. I try to be myself everyday, and ignore all the things they say about me. Then when i go home i always truthfully admit to myself how right they are, and then i breakdown into tears. sort of like my everyday routine now.

Comment by Nancy
2010-09-09 06:28:20

All I can say to you is good luck haha
Take it easy!If your friends are real,they will not believe that gossip right?? =P

Comment by Michaela
2010-09-21 20:37:23

So… are you saying that you need to sleep with a teacher to get popular?
If you think so, that’s pretty stupid, not only would the teacher lose his/her job with all the gossip going around but you will be branded the school slut or whatever.
Even though this has happened before, you don’t need to sleep with someone to get popular, in fact, all you have to do is basically become friends with everyone so that EVERYONE will know you.

Duh, people.

Just be yourself, think about it. Do you really want someone to like you just because your a:
Because you SLEPT WITH A TECHER (Sorry, can’t get over how whoever wrote this wants people to sleep with teachers for POINTS?!)
This page makes me angry, a lot of teenagers are taking your advice and whoring themselves out.

Comment by Danielle Miller.
2010-09-23 12:23:21

thatss bulshitt.
you gotta be you.
not someone your not.
be funn, fuckk what others think of you,
if your constantly worrying about what everyones thinking, youll get no where.
you gotta live your life with no regrets,
thats all i gotta say.

Comment by Danielle Miller.
2010-09-23 12:28:26

thatss fucked up how you want people to go around fucking their teachers, and mooning people ?
it just shows how hard people have to TRY to be popularr, and how immature they are.
if you wana get popular by being a:
whore ?
nerd ?
bitch ?
it just shows how far you’ll really get in life.
I’m popular, and i don’t do that shit !
whoever wrote this, it obviously shows why you WERENT popularr.
kaay ?

Comment by Danielle Miller.
2010-09-23 12:30:23

hahahah i feel you onn that !

Comment by yogreesha
2010-10-06 07:52:01

i completely agree with you, i mean whats the point in thinking slapping yourself in make-up and getting in trouble just to be cool-it isnt worth it- im in high school and i get on just fine there are 3 main stratagies to learn from-
. be nice to everyone.
.make lots of friends
.make a small effort on what you look like e.g if you have a large zit do something to help it go away

to be quite frank with all of you whoever goes on this website and follows the rules is very and typically sad!
p.s is this just me or does the site remind you a little bit of the lindsay lohan film-mean girls?

Comment by flubba chubba
2010-10-20 00:42:54

well i know your not a mirical worker but i need your advice on 1 question,
what if your a bit on the fat side but some of the populars still like you i meen the popular guys would you know how to get popular from there it is kinda frustrating having to go threw8th grade being called fat ass so i need some advice going into hight school next year please give me some tips sincearlly flubba chubba

Comment by awesomingdaily
2010-10-26 19:08:17

nice spelling bro. anyways, yes, being popular is a big thing in highschool. i currently hold that position as a social butterfly and the funny one. you don’t necessarily have to be in a relationship even though it is suggested that you do. it gets you in the loop and you can easily get your teachers to like you since they are basically always liking the popular kids and can definitely tell who is and isn’t. they wont really show too much favoritism.. since it is not part of their job description to do so.

to: coby

Comment by austin
2010-11-05 02:02:49

to tell everyone the truth no one can tell you how to be popular i have been to two highschools and at one i was on top and the other the bottem of the food chain so each school is diffrent so just find a place and hope people like you will back you up when you need it

Comment by lauren
2010-11-11 19:35:33

Ok so….say i’m like half way popular right,well the group i hang out with are just a big group of JERKS!!!They judge everyone by their cover and i hate it!They think they rule the school…literally :( and i am NOT that way!but if i dont hang out wit them i have no one to talk to when we arent bussy durin class wich literally again is about 75% of the time we just sit there.WHAT SHOULD I DO?!?!?!

Lauren A.

Comment by Kassandra
2010-11-15 19:37:52

I have so many romers about me about guys and all soo how can i become popular when i dont have nice clothes and i am ugly no guy (popular guy or geek) would ever go for me soo do u have any avice??

Comment by Wamzy
2010-11-17 16:53:47

All of you guys are not cool. if you were you probably would not have found this site in the first place, unless it was fowarded to you by someone. this guy has given his idea of what a cool popular guys are. most unp[opular people can work their way up the popularity ladder. i thiunk some of his ideas are realistic like choosing a group and setting popluarity points.
however he has not said that you can only get high pp by just sleeping with the reacher and that kind of stuff. this was more of a guideline. you could replace that with something like; publicly confront a bully or talking to a group of high status girls.
you might wander why the popularity status is important. FYI the more popular you are the moere friends you will have at schoola nd after school years are over.

Comment by mickey
2010-11-26 18:15:58

yeah,,, this is awesome stuff. And being popular is just about everything in high school, because if im not popular and a loser, than thats going to reflect how i feel about myself(i dont care if its wrong thats just me) and i really dont need that right now, i all ready have low self confidence(which i am working on) so right now, being in 7 grade, i already got a head start!! ;)

Comment by Delmarva
2010-12-02 17:24:56

Sleep w. the teacher!? Are you out of your MIND? I know someone who has had to defend teachers (both guilty & innocent) who have been caught up in these situations. Every single one is a heartbreaking story, regardless of whether the teacher is falsely charged & innocent or guilty.

And don’t think just because you’re 18 & a senior, it’s OK. It is NOT because the teacher is in a position of power, organizationally & legally, and if he/she engages in sexual contact w. a student, not only can he/she be fired, but they’ll likely lose their teacher’s license or at least be blacklisted from ever teaching in the area again. And it might even be against the law. This is the voice of EXPERIENCE speaking: I’ve seen it happen w. a number of teachers, usually ones in their early 20s & fresh out of college. THINK, kids, do you really want the guilt of having helped to ruin a teacher’s career on your conscience?

If you find yourself tempted to do this, PLEASE talk w. an adult you trust (& NOT the teacher in question) & develop an accountable strategy w. that adult. Yes, the teacher is mostly responsible for whether such a thing happens, but you can help by heading for the EXIT as soon as you think, even a little bit, that you’re attracted to a teacher, a teacher is attracted to you, or the feeling is mutual. If it’s the latter, the best strategy is to CHANGE SCHOOLS until you graduate.

We are all human and sometimes find ourselves attracted to someone we shouldn’t. We can’t always control that; but we CAN control our behavior.

Best wishes and blessings to you all.

Comment by Zach
2010-12-06 04:16:56

Hey guys! listen up guy or girl. You have to have self confidence! and not just highschool your whole life too! Im not sayin act different but do stuff you like and practice! Example girls: go to the gym, eat right, tan naturally, and hang with your girlfriends a bunch. Girls bring eachother up and help eachothers confidence. Also respect yourself and dont be a slut. You’ll regret it and the most attractive thing to a guy is a girl that respects herself and is hard as hell to get! Make sure to get your booty movin and jog you’ll feel better doin it and have fun with friends while burnin calories. Dont try any drugs either, HUGE turn OFF! and if you at a party and people are doin it tell em no and people will follow you seriously. They only say yes because they don’t want to feel dumb or like a noobie. And don’t send nude pics to guy because trust me, we all show our friends that ties in with the self respect. :) Okay and for guys: Same practice sports you’ll meet new guys and become friends. Talk out loud in class and make friends with the teachers so you can say funny stuff and not get into much trouble. Girls like nothin more than a funny, nice, hot, and confident guy. that’s it, so work out 3-4 times a week. Eat your meats vegetables and not overdue the junk food. workout only halfhour maybe a day. get ALOT of rest! Trust me If your funny, talkative, and slowly learn your way in with the girls You’ll have a GREAT time and look forward to school. Practice sports and get good grades. Do all this stuff and you’ll be really happy,feel your best, and if your a dude will have those ladies after YOU! haha trust me.

Comment by Karla
2010-12-15 22:54:11

If you dont want to be popular then why did you even come on this website you idiot.

Comment by Angel
2010-12-28 13:54:01

I agree.

Comment by Lulu
2011-01-10 19:54:43

omg i totally agree fakers are losers and wat xoxo said u don’t need to go on websites and and say every one is a loser

Comment by Lulu
2011-01-10 20:02:01

fine if u r popular y do u come on this website oh maybe u r so not popular and is the lowest of the low
you think your so hot but ur soooo NOT!!!!!

Comment by Lulu
2011-01-10 20:07:37

oh yeah well if u think u can do better i like to see u try wat r u a girl a boy

Comment by miss chatterbox
2011-01-10 22:16:29

Elizabeth, u could just stop eating french fries an hamburgers but if u have to u could u just move from the job and get another like baby sitting, that depends if u like children.

miss chatterbox

Comment by miss chatterbox
2011-01-10 22:19:54

well its easy just exercise abit more and eat healthy and next year you will be goo as new

Comment by nadiah
2011-01-20 15:14:05

well i live in england and it is NOT(-capital letters) the same as america! but i do appreciate how you are like most people and how you are normal, i couldn’t become popular if i even tryed coz most pepz are very big headed-you know what i meen?! anyways choa XXX
i’m only 12… lol! :)

Comment by Shadowed
2011-01-28 22:28:17

I think this whole social hierarchy thing idepenss on what region you are in.

Comment by Sup
2011-02-03 03:21:43

You can only be popular if you are good-looking. I’m ugly, and whenever I am standing with a friend and we meet someone, that someone just turns to my better-looking friend and just has a conversation with her, while forgetting I’m standing right there. Also when a new student comes to the school, they are almost automatically placed in a certain social group, depending on their appearance.
SO, no one seems to care about personality. It’s just appearance.

The girls in my year level are divided into 3 social groups. The Small Group (9 people) has the all-ugly, dumb, mean students (I’m in that one, but I’m not dumb), The Middle Group (15+ people) has the decent looking, intelligent, kind students, and The Large Group (35+ people) has the good-looking, bitchy students who get along with the hot guys.

I am an out-cast in my group, because they are mean and stupid. I am desperate to be in ‘The Middle Group’ because they are so kind and smart. Since I came to the school, I have been in ‘The Small Group’ and I have been trying to befriend the other group for 2 years (which is the whole time I’ve been at the school).

Comment by Ria
2011-02-11 22:35:18

i know what you mean. I’m in 7th right now and honestly, i don’t know where i stand.
I’m cool with everyone in my class, but you never know if they are talking about you.

Comment by dlfkj
2011-03-03 23:25:20

alert(” “)

Comment by buddy boy
2011-03-07 20:06:52

thanks man u helped me a butt-load. but in the end u kinda screwed up my dreams of being poplar, but still thanks:)

Comment by Anonymous
2011-03-10 19:33:46

That is the most stereotypical, stupid, bogus thing I’ve ever heard. People, do not listen to this guy. Kids these days get judged by first impressions. If people didn’t like you the first time, they’re not gonna like you now. No matter what you do, you won’t be “popular”. So basically, you’re all screwed.

Comment by ur a tard
2011-03-12 21:48:38

“born to be popular” is complete bull crap. Pyschologically, you wanted this all along. You with the luck of having good looks or whatever planned it out in such a way (like this guide) that you became popular. I know a lot of people who have said they just “automatically become popular” NOT TRUE. It’s just something you have observed at a young age and just stuck to wanting to become like that. This is guide is sad, but true. i know a lot of people have looked through something like this and decided upon themselves that they’d rather be popular though deep down “living in hell” than anything else.
You’ve missed a lot from that guide btw. Boozing up, taking joints will make you popular. Dealing drugs as well (i wouldn’t risk that much though)

Comment by ur a tard
2011-03-12 21:51:00

agree and disagree with this comment. Some people drastically change so much those first impressions don’t even matter anymore =/

Comment by ur a tard
2011-03-12 21:57:20

the last part is SO not true lmfao. I couldn’t give two shits about high school. I hang with everyone, talk to everyone, etc. I wouldn’t say I’m a social butterfly though. I always start out that way then just stick with a closer group of friends later on, but still chill with everyone from everyone group sometimes. :) In a way though, you’re right you could still keep in touch with them, but that’s any group in high school. Realistically, uni/college is where your life starts :D

Comment by ..
2011-03-19 23:59:08

and as you see from all the posts above, everybody is judged for what they do or say. So just be yourself, be nice talk to other people, be outgoing . Thats all you can do , because if we all follow the ‘guide’ lines were all just plain assholes.. and we have to many of those in this world . I know people are going to say shit and write rude fucking comments, but who cares just remember HATERS ARE JEALOUS ! ;) & just be happy, keep your heads held high. because being popular isnt all that fun, theres alot of drama and backstabbers. commmon everyone just live your lives right . (L)

Comment by Hope
2011-03-20 17:42:52

Well here goes going from band geek to beauty queen

Comment by kevin
2011-04-04 21:02:41

i guess i whats considered punk/hardcore i never had a social problem i never disrespected anyone below or higher then me on the social chart i had super popular friends and not so popular friends yet i have no problem fitting in with the jocks or the highly popular kids i guess its cause im energetic and mature i dont bounce around like a child in the halls

Comment by Katrina
2011-04-09 07:47:48

why does popularity matter these day im 12 im year 7 and theres no such this as populare because there only groups because im not one of those kool girls but im still nice to everyone but i do have my own group of friends

Comment by jake
2011-04-23 01:14:43

yeah im not unpopular but im not super popular, im a jock and i am an extreme asshole and i know it by being a douche people notice me i used to be a really nice kid but i finally just got sucked in by the other kids and now i really dont give a shit. but the thing is at my school we dont pick on the nerds and geeks we all are assholes to each other, you could be the most popular kid and school and other kids will still make fun of them. the other thing is i dont do drugs or ever get drunk i have parties but my parents know and the kids there know what they can do and what they cant do. so i suggest that if your school is like mine dont be like me i lost some really good friends because of the popularity race. and i know now that i can be really popular and nice, i have changed so much in my first year of high school its not even funny. i am a freshman and some of my best friends are the most popular seniors. just because somebody is popular doesnt mean that they are assholes. so just be yourself and do what you love i read this advice and it is exactly how i became popular by betraying my good friends, this advice will work but i dont suggest following it. i am a freshman and i was the captain of the JV football team this year because i was an asshole but now i realize that i dont need to be people still like me just as much as they did as when i was an asshole. so seriously i know that it sounds cliche but just be yourself and you will become popular with whatever group accepts you. and if you really do want to be popular heres what you need to do: be a jackass to the losers of your school, make fun of geeks and nerds, dress like everyone that is popular, get good grades (or as best as you can), dont talk to much unless you realy know what your gonna say, only make a joke if your sure its gonna land, REMEMBER YOU DONT HAVE TO DRINK AND DO DRUGS, i have never gotten high or even thought about drinking or getting high, and those are the basics of how to become popular with this society today. and remember what i said dont follow my instructions unless you absolutely are for sure about becoming popular.

Comment by Jenny
2011-05-12 18:43:44

Hi. I’m very quiet alot durin school. i wuz wonderin how can i become popular and be myself at da same time. im kinda confused. lyk im goin to be a freshman after dis summer. Plz reply back to me. plz and thx.

Comment by Jenny
2011-05-13 23:24:42

Lyk ppl called me a lot of things……..stupid, ugly, annoyin……..they told me dat im emo (im not. i juz luv wearin black and sumtimes i feel depressed, but i dont cut myself a lot). I want 2 b popular in my new school (sry if im annoyin u rite now). Lyk i juz b myself and want ppl 2 lyk me fo who i am. If u reply back, i would appreciate it. Thx. :)

Comment by chase
2011-05-15 10:39:58

well u have to be friends with everyone you see high school is a living hall but if u r friend with every one fast and daunt be the follower have the follower then u are in good shape….and never ever get attached to friends. have them get a attached to u.

Comment by Jenny
2011-05-15 22:09:14

Thx fo da advice. :)

Comment by JaKesha
2011-05-20 19:57:15

No, Brandon got a point there. At least da girl lyks 2 tell da truth bout herself instead of being fake.

Comment by CiErAh SkY3
2011-06-04 00:25:06

this is stupid! popularity isnt something that can be made in a few months! i had to work ever since 5th grade (im in tenth) to be popular! there is always going to be someone better, prettier, or more athletic! I only go to a school with 100 kids total and it is pre-k through 12th grade in just 1 school! Thats not much competition and it took me forever! I was third most popular of the middle school girls and now im finally second! It took me 6 years to become just a little more popular! Imagine not being popular to start with! I would just stay the same! Its ok to be yourself! Dont waste ur time because its not all that its made out to be! I will graduate in a couple years and its like i just wasted my time trying to be more popular.

Comment by chloe
2011-06-16 12:49:55

lol but i dont wan to no this all i w
ant to no is how to be popular :)

Comment by Douche
2011-06-18 01:46:17

Please learn to type properly first. It’s giving me an eye sore.

Comment by Alonzo Maish
2011-07-02 11:24:09

Hello would you mind letting me know which web host you’re utilizing? I’ve loaded your blog in 3 completely different web browsers and I must say this blog loads a lot faster then most. Can you suggest a good hosting provider at a honest price? Thanks, I appreciate it!

Comment by Marcus
2011-07-06 00:50:05

I so understand this. It helps a lot. I like this one very popular girl, but am afraid to ask. I’m moderately popular, I’m well known only because of my sister. Any info on how to ask her?

Comment by courtny
2011-07-07 16:03:18

well Marcus, all you have to do is be your self and i’m sure she would say yes. Besides, the worst that can happen is that she says no. also remember that she’s not the only girl in this world.

Comment by passion
2011-07-07 20:27:34

u bogas ugave up ur friend for what peoplesay for popularty that anet rite for shore if people your friends forwho youhang with there anet ur friends ur two-faced n fake

Comment by Zena
2011-07-12 21:45:26

Just bring your own lunch like friut and don’t eat fat food i was 368 now i lost weight now im 87 im not kidding. And if you have glasses like me get contacts.

Comment by Jashanpreet
2011-07-16 23:34:29

just tell me one thing tht u have tell to become popular with 20 realationships how could we make it

Comment by Jenny
2011-07-19 23:24:51


Comment by Jenny
2011-07-19 23:55:47

Oh yeh…wateva u do…have confidence. Plz have self-confidence. If u dont have self-confidence, its gonna b torture (i learned dat da hard way). Juz believe in yoself but dont act conceited either. Cuz ppl find conceited ppl annoyin. Lol. Dont let anyone put u down. I dont get y ppl even bother to b mean to others. Its such a waist of time. U can do better things than to hate on others lyk crazy. HELLO!?! AINT ROCKET SCIENCE!!! Duh!!! Y cant we all get along? Da reason y (dis is my theory here) ppl r mean to each other…1. Haters luv to hate.
2. Put other ppl down so hard to they’ll have low-confidence and start bein all emo lyk (kinda depressed and insult self(which btw, happened to me)). 3. An awesome way (sarcasm) how to embrass sumone so other ppl think wat they say they r (meanin da victim got defined in a bad way and everyone believes da hater. So therefore the victim would drop out from da popularity scale and becomes UNPOPULAR :( (boo hoo fo da victim)). I’m always da victim so heres my life lessons.
1. Have self- confidence (always remember dat even tho i shouldnt have repeat dat cuz u should get it by now).
2. If u got acne and messy hair, good luck…sum (most) ppl r juz so mean (and stupid) enough to insult how u look.
Other experiences…
3. Smell fresh at all times (nobody lyks stinky ppl. PU!!!!! Dont smell musty).
4. Brush teeth ( if u dat lazy, chew gum or breath mint cuz ppl dont want to smell stinky breath and die).
5. Dont EVER b mean. Instead b nice. ( if u got sumthing mean to say, dont say it (eitherwise, say it if they insult u 1st)).
GOOD LUCK PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!! :)

Comment by Jenny
2011-07-20 23:20:40

Oh yeh…don’t go straight to da popular group cuz they will start thinkin dat ur juz a “wanna b popular” kid. And evidently if they know dat then dats a bad thing. So if u juz b yoself , make a lot of friends, and have fun then yeh…u”ll become popular. Dat wuz another lesson learned. I used to b a so called “out-caster” (i think i mentioned dat b4. Idk.). And wuz popular for bein an “out-caster”. To b honest, i didnt even knew i wuz popular til da school dance and dis kid dat i didnt even knew actually knew my name and i asked him “How did u no my name, if i dont even no yo name?” and then he said “Cuz ur popular.” To b honest, i actually thought i wuz invisible but i wuz noticable if u c me sittin by myself and everyone else is in groups. I started cryin when i got home from da dance cuz i believed dat i wuz da most hated person in da school but it turns out dat most of my class didnt lyk me but da rest of da school lyks me. So oh yeh…anyone whos goes to dis website, plz dont “start a fight” or “sleep with a teacher” cuz dats da most STUPIDEST thing i had ever heard if u wanna become popular. Juz look attactive and b talkative. I wuz popular in 6th grade and i wuz very talkitive even tho most of my friends were boys (and sadly transferred to another school). Girls out there, wateva u do…dont act snoppy cuz dats how i got a lot of haters. Good luck ;)

Comment by Jenny
2011-07-21 17:19:56

Samantha, ppl can change if dey want to. Unpopular ppl can become popular ppl if dey no how. Oh yeh…btw nobody is a loser. A loser would b a snobby, mean person.

Comment by Jenny
2011-07-21 17:20:37

Epic fail. :(

Comment by chloe.xox
2011-08-03 13:15:12

Right, all that up there is a load of shit, I am popular at my school, you dont have to be ”naughty” to be popular, I will admit I am a little bit, but some of my friends arent and they’re popular aswell, It’s not all that good being popular, because once someone starts a rumor everyone knows about it and is talking about it, everyone bitches about you because they’re to scared to say it to your face because when your popiular you have allot of friends so they dont like saying it because they’ll be even less popular, your expected to look nice everyday, when that really is effort, and if you do one thing that’s ”un cool” damn, you sure do know about it, so just be happy with who you are, dont try to be somebody else, because your all liked by differant people, just be yourself and that will make life a whole lot easier x

Comment by James Lewitzke
2011-08-03 17:05:30

Wow, the amount of ignorant, dimwitted comments made here is ridiculous. Apparently the majority of people that found this page looking for advice have absolutely no concept of satire or humor, at all.

I’m closing this post’s comments off for the sake of sanity and reason. Hopefully you’ll all eventually learn that there’s more to life outside your backwards thinking “OMG I need to be popular” High School bubbles, which won’t last very long anyway.



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